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CHAINLINK FENCING - Hot Dipped Galvanized Chainlink Fencing

CHAINLINK FENCING - Hot Dipped Galvanized Chainlink Fencing

CHAINLINK FENCING - Hot Dipped Galvanized Chainlink Fencing Chain link fencing is used for Residential bunglows / Properties / Apartment houses, Industrial areas, Farms, Grounds, Land / Plots, Warehouses, Tennis courts, Pool areas, Parks and Parking lots. Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel wire / PVC coated wire or Stainless steel wires. These wires are inter woven into mesh This net-like configuration is commonly known as "Fabric" of chain link fence. The woven mesh is secured around a specific area via steel / cement / pipe posts, which are deeply entrenched into the ground.

Chain link fencing is very cheap, low in maintenance, and it is highly functional compared to a brick wall. It is a useful option for residential and commercial set-ups. The low cost and the ease of installation makes it an instant solution in all settings. Chain link fences are also used for partitions and also to temporarily secure construction sites. Chain link fencing is the least expensive fencing option available, ideal for homeowners on a budget. Especially if you require a fence for a large space, A chain link fence is just what you need whether for temporary or for permanent use.

Mesh Size:
The smaller the space between the parallel or diamond-shaped wires in the fencing fabric, the more steel the fence contains. Standard mesh sizes are 1" x 1" | 1½" x1 ½" | 2" x 2" | 2 ¼" x 2 ¼" | 2 ½" x 2 ½" | 2 ¾" ‘ x 2 ¾" | 3" x 3" Smaller mesh sizes are available but they are more suitable for fencing poultry farms. Get the right mesh size to make sure that your fence serves its purpose.

Thickness and Diameter:
The thickness is measured in terms of gauge or mm of the wire used. Mostly it ranges from 6gauge to 16guage, While 6guage being thickest wire and 16-gauge being the thinnest wire. In terms of mm thickness from 4.8mm to 1.6mm. While 4.8mm being thickest and 1.6mm being thinnest. Commonly we use wire having thickness of 4.00mm / 3.80mm 3.50mm / 3.10mm / 3.00mm / 2.90mm / 2.70mm / 2.60mm / 2.50mm / 2.40mm / 2.30mm / 2.00mm to 1.60mm

Height: We offer chain link fencing in the range from 2ft to 13 ft. Anyone can use a fence in whichever height he requires or prefers.

Length: Chain fencing is sold in 50ft or 15mtr Rolls. Longer rolls can be made as per specific requirement upto 100 ft or 30 mtrs.

Coating: There are 2 types of coating available.

A) Zinc Coating:
This ranges from 20gsm to 290gsm per sq.mtr. Zinc coating is done by two methods. Electro Galvanized & Hot dipped Galvanized. We normally use Hot dipped Galvanized wire for chainlink fencing as this type of wire does not get rusted for long time. Electro Galvanized wire normally is not used for chainlink fencing.

B) PVC Coating:
This ranges from 1mm. to 3mm. This kind of coating is smooth in finish and it effectively protects the fence from Rusting. This is longer lasting. PVC chain link fences will cost 10 to 15 percent more than standard galv. chain fencing, but they last twice / thrice longer.

Galvanized Zinc Coated Vs PVC Coated wire fence

Chain link fences made from galvanized wire are tougher while PVC Coated chain link fences are much more resistant to rust and corrosion than Galvanized chain link fencing. PVC-coated fencing may cost a little extra but it is sure to last twice / thrice than naked galvanized fencing Green PVC coated chain fences make decent fencing solutions in residential settings. In choosing the best quality coated chain link fence, you have to look at three things: the thickness and strength of the wire, the size of the mesh, and the type of protective coating.

The line posts to which the fabric is attached are implanted into the ground at varying intervals from 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft., taking into consideration the height and length of the fence.

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